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Here Are Some of the Ways We Work With Clients to Effect the Changes They Want to Achieve


Knowledge is power. The more information you have about the condition that is bringing you into therapy, the more confident you will be in dealing with the problem. We strive to provide you with accurate, helpful educational materials relating to your situation. We also have an in-depth knowledge of the local social services and medical resources in the area, and we can provide referrals as needed.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

Behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations are all linked; each influences the others. Therefore, by changing what happens in one area, you also change what happens in the others. The ultimate goal is to alter each area enough so that the problem area that you are working on in therapy no longer controls your thoughts, feelings, or behavior.

Expressive Therapy:

People learn and heal in many ways. Some people are auditory learners and learn through listening and talking; others are more visual in nature and can relate more to images and other non-verbal means. We understand this, and as a result, we utilize many different modalities in our alliance with clients, depending on how the client wants to work. Writing, drawing, sculpting, painting are all ways to access client feelings and to process strong emotions. One example of how we might work expressively with a client is with Mixed Emotion cards.* During an initial session, our counselor might ask the client to identify the cards that represent his or her current experience, and then identify the cards that represent how he or she would like to feel once therapy is complete. This provides a visual roadmap for starting and ending points in therapy. (The graphics on the right are examples of Mixed Emotions cards and are featured courtesy of the artist Chris Wilty)

Client-Centered Therapy:

We offer a non-judgmental, safe place for you to share your pain and joy. In our experience, healing often comes from the simple act of being fully and completely heard. This is what we strive to offer our clients. The physical setting of our office also reflects this orientation. It features a beautiful park-like atmosphere that is comfortable and maintains your privacy.

Illustrations copyright 2001. Used by permission of Kris Wiltse

Collage of Teens

Creative Coping is now being offered. It is an eight week, program that focuses on helping teens use creative expression to develop skills in the areas of :

  • Mindfulness: i.e., practice disciplining the mind to live fully in the here and now.

  • Distress Tolerance: Some people are more emotionally vulnerable than others, this class helps individuals learn how to increase their ability to tolerate stress and avoid anxiety.

  • Emotion Regulation: Skills training on how to avoid the steep emotional peaks and valleys that cause life problems.

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: Practical help in communicating so that participants get more of what they want in relationships with others.

The program utilizes art, journaling, practice sheet handouts, and group sharing as ways to introduce and teach the concepts. Cost is $350 per eight-week session plus a $20 supply fee.

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